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Here are excellent, popular books on happiness.

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These books are some of the best on happiness.  The first book describes the latest reserach from the Harvard Grant Study of what life activities result in happiness over a 75 year period of the participants lives.

The How of Happiness reports extensive reviews of literature and experimnents that show that you have a large influence on how to be happy by what you do, and gives techniques and exercises.


The third book, The Happiness Project, is the story of the author's happiness project and describes how she learned to change her life to be happy.

The fourth book, The Happiness Advantage, also from a Harvard scholar, used extensive brain reserach and psychological expriments to discover seven main aspects of happiness and how to practice them each day. It finds that happiness comes first, then success, and shows how to use happiness to become more successful in business and life.

The other books are popular proven books on happiness on  Click on a book that looks interesting and check out what is inside it at Amazon.  Then if you want, purchase it in the format you prefer. 

If you want the book on Inner Friendship For Everyone, which describes how to receive wise guidance from your inner voices on how to respond to your curcumstances to be personally fulfilled as a whole person - to be happy, see the Recommednded Reading panel to the right.

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