You Were Born To Be Happy

10:00 AM - August 4, 201 by Jonathan Burch

You evolved to be happy, fulfiled as a whole person.  That is who you are.  

When you fulfill your talents and abilities in your circumstances in a balanced, harmonious way, you become all you evovled to be.  You are fulfilled as a whole person.  You are happy.

You are the successful result of milions of years of evolution.  You and your kind have survived!  

According to all we know in science you evolved to survive, flourish and reproduce in a supportive environemnt.  That is the natural goal of your life.  

You evolved as a human individual with a unique set of genes, and a unique set of talents and abilities to use in your personal circumstances to achieve your natural goal - happiness.

Happiness, fulfillment as a whole person, is the natural goal of your life.  However you can mess it up by bad choices.  When you make bad choices, you and others suffer.  

You can tell if you are respoinding to life rightly, adaptively.  If you are happy in your circumstnces, you are.  If you are unhappy in your circumstance you are not.

Your are responsible for your own happiness.  Nature made you that way.  No one else but you will change your body or your mind to respond to a situation.  You are responsible for the consequences good or bad, happy or unhappy, of your responses to life.  

    This is a main principle of this age of individualism which has been caused by the new machines and our new global community of billions of diverse humans and so many new and old things to do both good and bad.  There are so many different choices now, each individual must decide for himself or herself.  No one can decide for you.  You have to decide for yourself.  

What will it be?  Will you be happy or sad?  It is up to you!  Remember you were born to be happy, so go live naturally and you will be happy.

You have to do it, but fortunately you have some help from both the outside and the indide.  Outside of you the human commiunity has accumulated wisdom of what works to make people succesful in the environment.  This is the culture, now residing often on the Internet in social media as well as in person around the family table and over the back fence.

The prioblem is that we have many different cultural rules thrust upon us in this closely connected global world.  You have to choose which cultural rules work for you, your loved ones and in your business community.

We now live in an enforced pluralism.  We cannot escape the many ways of life all around us.  There are many different ways to live presented to us everyday.  We each have to chose how to live.

We learned in postmosdernism that we humans cannot prove anything for certain.  Now each individual is forced to choose what works best for the individual to lead to the individual's unique, personal fulfillment as a whole person.  Each individual now must decide for herself or himself how to respond to life to be happy, to be what one evolved to be.

You were born to be happy, but you must decide how to do it, and how to nurture others to do the same.  Unfortunately culture tends to have one-size-fits-all answers, which do not fit you with your particular talents in your circumstances.  Not everyone evolved to be a doctor, lawyer, merchanft or chief.  We need cultural guidance, but also we need more accurate personal guidance attuned to our peorson path toward full life.  This is your personal Golden Path.

A person's Golden Path is not straight and narow.  It is where the person ought to be and what the person should be doing to be fulfilled as a whole person.  Your Golden Path is your unique, personal path to your personal happiness, to becoming all that you were born to be.

Your Golden Path meanders here and there wherever you are, always pointing in the direction of your fulfillment as a whole person.  It is wider and narrower depending on how many opportunities for fulfillment you have then in that place. 

How do you know how to respond to life to follow your Golden Path to your happiness?  Culture and social rules are generally helpful, but not accurate enough for keeping you on your personal Golden Path.  Fortunately you were born with the system to provide these uinque personal answers.  The answers are right inside you if you know how to look for them.

You have an inner friend that you can communicate with right inside you through prayer or meditation, what ever works for you.  Your inner friend will guide you on how to respond correctly in your circumstnces to lead you to your personal fulfillment as a whole person - your happiness.  This is called the righteous response.  It is what your inner friend wants you to achieve.  Your inner friend will help to wisely guide you, if you will listen and do it.

When people are learning how to have an inner friendship, one problem is that people differ on who their inner friend can be. They spend their time arguing about it, so no inner friendship develops.  If it is to happen, you must make it happen in a way that works for you with an inner friend that is real to you, even if your inner friend would not be real for someone else.  It is your responsibility to find your inner friend that is real to you and to build your inner friendship with your inner friend.  It is worth a lifetime of happiness to do it.

All people cannot have the same inner friend, because diffferent people take for granted that different things are true.  That is alright.  It works well that way for each person.  Let the other person have an inner freind that works for the other person.  The answer for you is to choose an inner firend that is believable to you, and devlop your inner friendship to work for you and your inner friend.  You are both waiting for it.  You were born to do it to be happy.

On this site there is an eBook which tells you how to do it.      "Inner Friendship For Everyone" describes the nine steps to inner friendship.  Anyone can do it.  Get the book, read it, apply its nine steps and enjoy a precious, loving guidung inner friendship all your life.  Be all you were born to be - be happy!

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